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What can we do in our Hutterite community to be proactive and rational, with a well-intended and well-studied effort to decrease the risk and slow the spread of infection?

In our communities we make personal and community decisions every day that impact the lives of all our community members, and now we are asked to be even more vigilant because of the coronavirus. We rely on the principles of community-based decision-making, transparency, and trust. We hope those principals will help us navigate in dealing with COVID-19 management and containment and to help us protect those at higher risk in our communities.

This is the main approach health professionals are focusing on:

There is a wave of COVID-19 coming. If we manage to flatten that wave so it occurs slowly, that means it’s easier for the medical system to cope. A slower wave means doctors and nurses aren’t overworked, hospital emergency rooms aren’t overwhelmed, hospital beds are available, and medical supplies like ventilators are available to those who need them.



For Hutterite Communities:
Information to help deal with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

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