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MB HSC Vaccines & Immunity FAQ

January 2022

Dear Folks,

As the COVID19 pandemic enters its 3rd year, many people are fatigued and growing weary of hearing about COVID. However, the virus is not weary and will continue to wreak harm and death until it is under control. With the new omicron variant offering both the potential to overwhelm hospitals and a way out of the pandemic, many experts remain very cautious, while others offer optimism.

HSC continues to see much misinformation shared on social media and other places. Recently, a sharp increase of COVID hospitalizations and deaths (over 20 in the last few months) among Hutterites in Manitoba has made many aware of the serious risks and dangers of the virus. As a result, many are taking more precautions and a growing number are getting vaccinated. Unfortunately, the whole pandemic has been politicized. This polarization, where people pick a side and dig in, has not escaped Hutterites and is causing division in many families and communities.

May we be respectful of others as we navigate this pandemic.

May we always seek to learn the truth and avoid the traps of misinformation and limited understanding that lead to false understandings.

In the next few weeks, the MB HSC COVID-19 Taskforce will be publishing a series of bulletins answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

All of these responses have been carefully reviewed for accuracy by health care professionals (doctors) within the Manitoba and Alberta Health Departments.

In the attached bulletin, we will address the following questions:

  • How does a viruses infect us?

  • How does an mRNA vaccine work?

  • How does our immune system work?

  • Can the mRNA vaccine change your DNA? (as is frequently claimed)

Please click on the link below to download the bulletin.

We wish you a safe and protected day.

MB Hutterian Safety Council COVID-19 Taskforce

Download PDF • 1.74MB

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