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COVID-19 is here—let’s do our part.

It only takes one person to infect many... DON’T BE THAT PERSON.

In Manitoba, the March 31, 2020 Public Health Order states that everybody is prohibited from assembling in gatherings of more than 10 people at any indoor or outdoor location. This maximum gathering size will likely be reduced in the coming days.


  • Public health officials are strongly advising all Manitobans to cancel or postpone all non-essential travel, including within the province.

  • Visiting other Hutterite communities for non-essential purposes is out of the question.


Ignorance is no defence!

  • Provincial Law: Under the Public Health Act failing to adhere to a public health order may result in the following:

  • Individual violation: one year imprisonment, a fine up to $100,000 per day, or both.

  • Corporation violation: fines up to to $500,000 per day.

Federal Law: The March 25th, 2020 Emergency Order states that “travellers returning to Canada will be subject to a mandatory 14-day self-isolation under the Quarantine Act.” Violating any instructions provided when entering Canada could result in up to 6 months in prison and/or $750,000 in fines. Further, a person who causes a risk of imminent death or serious bodily harm to another person while willfully or recklessly contravening this Act or the regulations could be liable for a fine of up to $1,000,000, or imprisonment of up to three years, or both.

EVENTS (Lehr und Gebet, Communal Meals, Essenschuel, Sonntagschuel, Choir Practices, Funerals, Other Gatherings)

Clarity regarding Public Health Order

  • Following extensive correspondence with the provincial government, HSC is able to confirm that provincial Public Health Orders apply to all Hutterite communities without reservation.

  • Events may continue as long as there are less than 10 people involved. (It is likely that this number will decrease in the coming days.) All other events must be cancelled.

  • Community events affected by the Public Health Orders include communal meals, church services, school, and other gatherings. Carefully consider any adjustments made at the community level; always keep in mind that the goal is not to simply obey the law, but to keep you and your loved ones safe.


  • Following the recommendations of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer, the Minister of Education is directing all schools to suspend in-person teaching indefinitely for this school year. All students are expected to actively engage in remote learning. Non-Hutterite and on-community teachers are responsible for the ongoing education of their students. Communities may have to modify their community COVID-19 response plan to accommodate non-Hutterite teaching staff. Community gyms should be closed. The Manitoba School Board Association has asked all schools to close outdoor play structures because they are high-touch, high-risk areas.

WORKPLACE: Barns and Shops

  • At this point, essential manufacturing facilities, transportation services, agricultural production, livestock operations and processing, construction, repair and maintenance, and utility services all remain open. If a business remains open, community leaders must ensure that workers maintain 2 meter (6 feet) physical distancing. Essential businesses are exempt from the 10-person limit as long as physical distancing remains in place.At the first sign of a cough or fever, workers should self-isolate for 14 day even if they have not travelled.


Community abattoirs are considered a critical service. The following guidelines must be observed:

  • Physical distancing of 2 meter (6 feet). This will likely slow down the process and must be regarded as an unfortunate necessity.

  • Ensure none of the workers are sick.

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.

  • Avoid conversing to reduce chances of spreading illness.

  • Masks are not yet required but may help.

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